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Data Entry Services

Update databases and get the most recent information using BPO Nextdoor data entry service. Watch your productivity noticeably increase as our specialists work on the assigned data management tasks. You can use one of our outsourcing data processing services listed below:

Product data entry

Fill new product data much faster with BPO Nextdoor. With PIM protocol we provide competent and prompt entry of descriptions for various goods. Pricing data, new offers for regular customers, and any other required information about your available products will be added.

Image processing

We extract written information from images and enter it as text to images. To do this, our company process photos, after which the data is converted into text format. Items are edited automatically. Marking the data extracted from images with tags, simplifies later sorting. The use of special services for image processing allows us to convert data from raw images or paper copies into the required format. Photoshop and CorelDraw are used by our specialists for image processing. Graphic designers can create or edit the necessary images for printing or posting on the Internet. We also make 3D animation models.

OCR services

Data availability is an integral part of the growth of modern firms. OCR is an amazing technique for processing various formats of data and converting it into a convenient digital format. Visual character recognition during image processing is available for various paper documents: scanned documents with printed, typewritten or handwritten text. If necessary, retyping data service from documents or its scan into a computer to make it editable, is also provided.

Copy-paste services

Copy-paste services help to accurately and securely transfer and store important data, such as addresses, telephone numbers, e-mail IDs, etc. from numerous and various documents into a single one. You can take advantage of BPO Nextdoor as a data processing services provider for making websites filled with reference information, creating emails with the information you want, copy-pasting data between files of different formats or databases. The specialists at BPO Nextdoor have an in-depth knowledge of the accurate data conversation processes, this contributes to the fastest and highly accurate completion of jobs.

Invoice processing service

Data processing firms working with clients from all over the world need to process invoices and other documents in the customers’ languages. Our data processing company can process invoices and submitted data using the data processing services, which will make it easier to interact with clients. The offered invoice conversion services are intended for:

• vouchers
• registration of transport orders
• confirmation of delivery
• fulfillment of orders for the supply of materials, and such.

Processing is carried out both from paper and scanned photos. Such data conversion service requires from 12 to 24 hours to process an invoice. Our data processing experts collect and sort invoices while indexing each document.

Data Cleansing Services

Outsourcing data processing include various work with data, such as formatting, modifying, updating or clearing, altering or deleting.

Data Validation

To authenticate and reconcile information in your database, just contact our team of professionals. We will provide verification and confirmation of the specified data with the BPO Nextdoor data conversion service. We will check if the information in the database is up to date and correct. The following items are our most common queries:

  • email;
  • residence address;
  • postal code;
  • country of residence;
  • full name of a client
  • mobile phone numbers
  • and others.

The data processing services are performed automatically, after which the specialists carry out manual checks; this guarantees that there are no errors.

Data Dedublication

Data deduplication service helps to get rid of redundant data and significantly reduce the cost of data storing. Our data deduplication specialists will help you quickly and accurately detect and delete redundant copies of your data and increase database efficiency.

Data Aggregation

The BPO Nextdoor data processing services team will collect product price and rating data from reviews. This information will help you analyze customer feedback and understand which products are of higher interest to the target audience. All information will be converted into one format, making it much easier to exchange it. For this, we use the conversion of documents from the following formats: HTML, PDF, Word, and others.

Data Enrichment Services

BPO Nextdoor will help you combine the information from your various databases. The data used in your business will be checked and improved by our data entry services company. After we systemize the data about each customer, all the information from the CRM will allow you to better interact with the target audience and direct your efforts towards cooperation with each potential client.

Data Classification

Well-classified data is a necessary component of effective database functioning, analysis, and business decision making and fulfills the established requirements (regulatory or legal) and helps reach business goals. Our experts systematize the data according to the necessary properties used for commercial purposes. To do this, we use the most popular technical schemes (for example, eCl@ss) and software.

Database Development

BPO Nextdoor specialists will help you develop your database by collecting and storing information in the required format. This will allow you round-the-clock access to the database from various devices with an Internet connection (computers and mobile gadgets included). The specified list of services includes the creation and migration of the database, checking for and cleaning unnecessary fields, and finally processing data for further analysis.

Get advantages from cooperation with BPO Nextdoor

Outsourcing of business processes helps one to concentrate well on one’s core functions and helps to control costs. What is more, the cost of doing business in Ukraine is lower than in other European countries. This allows us to provide our clients with favorable prices for services while ensuring a high level of quality.

Reduced data processing time. Our highly qualified employees will quickly work on your project. At the same time, your workflow will not be suspended, and you will be able to continue to work on your business while the information is being processed.

Flexibility: the convenience of the data provided. You can choose the format in which you are more comfortable working.

Data accuracy will speed up your decision-making process and will not affect the speed of your business.

The BPO Nextdoor team has a high level of competence in solving a multitude of data-related needs and problems. We will meet all set goals and guarantee high quality and precision. Your data will be protected.

Why cooperation with BPO Nextdoor will be beneficial?

  • Experience. Almost 10 years in business process outsourcing.
  • Quality. Accuracy up to 95%, depending on types of projects.
  • Security. GDPR Compliance, ISO 27001 Certified.
  • Experts Team. 250+ skilled and motivated specialists in Ukraine and Poland.
  • Coast. All-Inclusive hourly rates significantly below the EU average.

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