Media Monitoring

Media monitoring is a powerful tool for the development of any company. By controlling the information field of your organization, we can qualitatively and professionally analyze the areas of interest to you.

Our team of media analysts specializes in supporting media monitoring agencies. We have relevant work experience with 5 of the most powerful media monitoring companies in Europe and the UK.

Get high-quality nonstop monitoring of your brand and other competitors in the media space!

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Media Monitoring Services

BPO Nextdoor conducts professional media monitoring and analysis, with which you can get reliable results by choosing only the subject and the time period. We are constantly updating our media monitoring skills using PR monitoring tools to track the required events in real-time.

Media Monitoring and Analysis

We process information in newspapers and online resources according to the specified search parameters. Also, we evaluate statistically mentions of your brand of news media coverage.

Media monitor service is designed to search for and collect reviews of the company. After that, your representatives will study the provided data and use it to develop your company’s strategy. Companies use news monitoring services to learn about their public image. With this tool, you will be able to measure the success of your company and optimize it if necessary. This will help improve the characteristics of your brand.

Content coding

We coding the content and analyze news sentiment.

To assess the performance of your business, you need to understand how it is covered in the media. We use coding and sentiment media analysis, which can help you to understand exactly how people feel about your brand. Content coding involves summarizing information into groups, reducing the number of different responses to make comparisons easier. Sentiment analysis helps to assess public opinion, conduct in-depth market research, and track a brand’s reputation.

Clipping and Indexing

You can use the media indexing service intended for media, public relations campaigns or any other monitoring company that needs to research information in news posts.

The media clipping service allows us to review different types of media (print, online articles, and social media). At the same time, we take into account the required time period. The report will be presented on several pages, each of which contains publications on the given topic. The use of the media clipping service allows you to get information about the development of your brand in the media and keep abreast of topics that are described in the news.

Which types of media we analyze:

Printed publications

Social media monitoring and other online resources

Blogs monitoring

We process media content to get the most important information. You can determine the keywords and sources for data collection yourself or entrust this task to our specialists.
Our company is the best media monitoring partner. Each process will be carried out using top media monitoring services and taking into account all your requirements. The level of professionalism of our team allows us to quickly and efficiently complete your tasks.

Get advantages form cooperation with BPO Nextdoor

Our experts will use media monitor services to assess the reputation of your company. You will receive accurate information after we research news and other media. If you need data urgently, it is enough to submit a request during the day, and the next morning all the required information will be provided.

Save staff time – social media monitoring and other media analyzing services is a routine but necessary job. Outsourcing will allow your employees to focus on their immediate responsibilities and achieving business goals.

Work with experts BPO experts are trained and experienced media analysts who have the knowledge and skills to select and refine data for analysis and can determine which indicators are best suited to achieve specific goals.

Lower costs – we can offer cost-effective solutions. Outsourcing with BPO Nextdoor allows you to reduce labor costs in general. We will save your time and money and introduce you to experienced specialists and for loyal prices for services.

Оbjective analysis and integrated metrics. We will provide you with an unbiased analysis of attitudes towards your brand, your products, and your services. We offer information services and integrated solutions for media monitoring data with an aggregated dashboard for easy viewing of combined reports from different information sources.

Why cooperation with BPO Nextdoor will be beneficial?

  • Experience. Almost 10 years in business process outsourcing.
  • Quality. Accuracy up to 95%, depending on types of projects.
  • Security. GDPR Compliance, ISO 27001 Certified.
  • Experts Team. 250+ skilled and motivated specialists in Ukraine and Poland.
  • Coast. All-Inclusive hourly rates significantly below the EU average.

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