The retail industry is continuously evolving and facing new challenges. Building and establishing strong positive relationships with online customers is the key to business success. Our team can help you towards this target.

Increase the efficiency of routine business processes in retail industry via outsourcing!

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The development of the latest technologies and innovations has enabled retail businesses to enter a new competitive market – online. BPO Nextdoor provides top-quality solutions and flexible support for all consumer goods mix sectors — including food & beverage, cosmetics, electronics, clothing, and household goods. We have successfully represented many companies’ interests in different categories of businesses: retailers, supermarkets, internet, and e-commerce retailers, catalog and mail order companies, multi-national retailers, discount retailers, loyalty program firms, and others.

Meet our business process outsourcing solutions for Retailers:

Data processing operations

  • Product data entry. We ensure to enter the product details into the online store, including product titles, availability, sizes, variations, material, cost, and other features.
  • Manual recognition of scanned information (incl. handwritten info). We input all necessary info into the customer’s data platform, ensuring accuracy and quality of data.
  • Product description creation. Our content writers can help you write a very crisp product description and use relevant keywords from Google Trends. Describe your preferences, avoid standardized sentences, and choose the right phrases that communicate with your target audience.
  • Catalog management. Our agents create and update catalogs service within the retail sector to inform the customers about the new products or services. Retailers need to manage the product range, and our data specialists can help with these tasks.
  • Product Information Management. We collect, manage, classify and enrich your product information. Rich product information creates a more empowered customer experience in online shopping.
  • Order Management Services. We provide efficient process orders, including order taking on phone/email, order data entry, customer verification, order status check.
  • Invoice processing includes check and correct results of the automated processing of incoming invoices and helps optimizes processing workflow.

Content operations

  • Product Image Uploading: Our specialists are ready to upload photos of your products to make your product more attractive to customers. For online shoppers, it is not only important to read a good description of the product, but also to be able to see its real reflection.
  • Image Editing: We help enhance your image’s quality by offering retail bpo services such as color correction, cropping, resizing, background insertion/removal to make your product great. Our designers are highly experienced in Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, also in CorelDraw and other design platforms.
  • Creation of 2D & 3D Animated Videos. Using video content in the retail industry is now being used as a powerful means to achieve business goals. We have a team of graphic designers that can create promo videos of your product, product offering video, or ordering process video. With the help of 3D Models, you can get photorealistic representations of the real item and your customers will be able to see your product from different sides.

Retail customer support

  • Retail Answering Services. Your online store is open around the clock, and our customer support specialists can help you not to miss any client’s request and provide timely and high-quality responses.
  • Multichannel support (email, chat, phone). Some prefer online interactions, while others prefer phone support. We deal with customer questions with that channel, which will be the most suitable for your requirements.
  • Call center surveys processing. Our team collects information from customer surveys from chat / email / phone / forms. Then, we analyze and organize the data, and finally evaluate and present the finished data. It will help you better understand the mood of your customers.
  • Retail Lead Generation. We create a unique lead generation strategy for a B2B brand with the help of main sales channels: email, search, social marketing tools.
  • Loyalty Program Management. For your loyalty program to be effective, we offer business process outsourcing solutions that check the relevance, clean and update data. Our customer support team can also inform customers about loyalty programs opportunities and rewards using multi-channel customer care capability.
  • Real-time analysis for customer contact centers. Our specialists provide real-time 24/7 control and optimization of the workload for contact centers stationed in different countries and time zones to ensure the best use of resources and meet all requirements. We simultaneously monitor and analyze the most critical performance indicators and trends for deployment recommendations, planning, and adaptation of resource needs.

Technical support

The use of our retail BPO support services guarantees the optimization of business processes in your company. We also provide support in WooCommerce development. It is the best WordPress plugin for any resource that needs to function effectively. Previously, it was possible to create only an information blog with this plugin, but it is adapted to launch online stores and other online platforms nowadays. Today, the WooCommerce plugin supports 30% of all online stores.

By outsourcing services, such as data processing and content operations to BPO Nextdoor, the retail company can leverage from employing the experts for these jobs. Our clients appreciate the increased flexibility, taking over the monotonous work, and the considerable cost savings in cooperation with us. By transferring your functions to our team, you will obtain reliable retail BPO partner and support for all necessary tasks.

What benefits await our partners?

Enhance the customer experience in online shopping. Our BPO Nextdoor team will find an individual approach to your customers. The website’s user-friendly interface or the simplified mechanism of ordering your products will force your customers to shop on your resources more often and recommend them to others.

Increase customer satisfaction. Every customer needs attention, especially in an online environment. Our support agents will provide excellent outsourcing services using multi-channel communication and excellent customer communication skills for your business to prosper and grow. When customers feel their issues are being resolved quickly, this creates greater loyalty between the customer and the retailer.

Better understand your business performance. Our data analysts can provide information critical to retailers, for instance, which items are sold the most, which products are most often complained about by buyers, when high sales season comes, and more.

Building a reputation for your brand. Online reviews from retailers are often based on the quality of customer service, waiting time for a response, convenience of the ordering process, and other factors. If you outsource these processes to us, you can not worry about it. We offer an excellent performance of retail bpo services, which will reflect in the positive feedback of your customers.

Why should you trust us?

  • Diverse Skill Sets. Our team consists of data entry specialists, customer support specialists, media analysts, graphic designers, SEO specialists, сontent writers and more. We are ready to help your business according to your request.
  • 24/7 support. To help your customers in need and to offer reliable service, a dedicated support team will always be available to assist your customers, for that matter. Customer satisfaction is the outcome of providing 24/7 support service.
  • Highly Qualified Team. We always focus on providing high-quality service to our customers by using our previous experience.
  • Data Security. We protect all the confidential information you share with us as part of the project, in adherence to full compliance with GDPR and ISO 27001 certification.

Let us optimize your work. Our team helps you focus on your core functions and eliminate unnecessary worries.

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