Find an opportunity to improve the main components of eCommerce as customer service, data processing, photo editing services, and analytics to take successful business solutions.

Use the opportunity to improve the main components of eCommerce with BPO Nextdoor

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BPO Nextdoor offers eCommerce bpo services for regular and new clients. You will notice how much easier your work will be when we take over some of the tasks. The range of eCommerce outsourcing services is quite extensive, so you won’t lose your own productivity and will be able to go about your duties while we promote your company on the Internet.

The use of eCommerce support services helps our clients to run their businesses in the eCommerce industry. Thanks to us, your competitive advantages increase several times, you will be able to achieve your business goals faster. Routine work will no longer be your problem, as we will complete all tasks in the shortest possible time.

We provide eCommerce support in:

Product Information & Management Service

We will help you compile the latest information about the products you distribute. The eCommerce support team offers data entry and order processing services that include:

1.Descriptions of goods. We will highlight the keywords required to create an SEO-optimized text about a specific product. This will help your consumers find the right item by entering keywords in the search engine.

2. Data enrichment. We add more product data if the information is missing. Our experts will find the latest information on the product and add it to the database.

3. Data classification. The use of the latest categorization techniques will allow us to structure information about your products. We will classify the data and show you a full picture of how your business works.

4. Order processing. We provide efficient eCommerce support services, including order taking on phone/email, order data entry, order fulfillment, customer verification, payment processing, and order status check.

Photo Editing Services

Don’t forget about images that refer to the items being sold to increase the interest of customers. Our specialists will be able to edit and optimize photos. Beautiful pictures are a great motivator for a buyer to add the product to their cart and purchase it. We can create attractive images for any category of goods: clothes or cosmetics, accessories, or household appliances. All items will look unique, and you will notice an increase in consumers’ demand.

  • Photo correction is often used to make a photo in a product catalog look better. We can make realistic images using only one photo of the product in its original color.
  • Photo cleaning procedures are used to create a more attractive look for the products. Such techniques are used to create a perfect face when it comes to showcasing beauty and similar services.
  • Shadow effects may make products look larger and more capacious. The images will be as realistic as possible. In the eCommerce industry, the vividness of pictures is critical as it affects sales. Consumers will be more willing to purchase the products they can view in advance in the catalog.
  • To create a full-fledged ad, in some cases it’s required to combine several photos. By doing it, we can create concepts that improve the effectiveness of eCommerce services. In practice, such combinations may be difficult to implement, and the use of special photo editors will help solve emerging problems.

SEO services

In the eCommerce industry, SEO is critical. Therefore, we are using new strategies to help present products and services to potential customers. To do this, we can:

  • analyze the list of keywords;
  • write SEO texts;
  • optimize pages.

The content created for your site will be unique and original. Users will be able to find out the main advantages and characteristics of your products. By researching your target audience, we will be able to write the texts in such a way that customers will feel the need to urgently purchase the offered products. Various meta tags are used for on-page optimization, including title, subheadings, keywords, and description.

Each client who specifies a key request will see the name of your company at the top and will go to the corresponding pages to make a purchase.

Customer services

Our business process outsourcing also includes eCommerce support for online stores. If you are an owner of a marketplace, contact our company and stop worrying about promoting your website. Our specialists will carry out all the necessary work, while you will continue working on production processes.

In addition, we offer flexible solutions developed for each company on an individual basis. Ecommerce outsourcing services allow you to quickly expand your target audience. You will be able to offer your products to users from all over the world without spending extra funds. To simplify the delivery of products, it’s enough to choose a suitable transport company and work with it consistently. If you sell electronic goods or services, it doesn’t require additional effort and resources.

Advantages of cooperation with us

While working with our company, you will be able to fully immerse yourself in your work and not being distracted by additional tasks.

You may increase your business profitability and reduce many of the risks associated with its operation.

We guarantee a high level of effectiveness, plus your employees will not need to spend time training new colleagues and doing someone else’s job.

We will help you create a unique selling offer — this means that your customers will not find similar services at your competitors. It allows you to significantly increase conversion, especially when the focus is on limited products.

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Why you can trust us?

Our team of professionals carefully analyzes the needs of each individual client and selects the most effective ways to solve their problems.

  • If you need help, you can always turn to the experts.
  • The highly qualified personnel will easily explain everything and will help you with difficult tasks.
  • At the same time, you can pay only for those services that you need for normal operation.
  • We ensure increased data security during cooperation, we follow the requirements of the GDPR and ISO certification.

Contact the specialists of our company to discuss the specifics of cooperation and speed up the development and promotion of your business.

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