Customer Services

Our company’s specialists provide round-the-clock customer support outsourcing services and helpdesk solutions throughout the year. For this, we use your CRM database. Your company can count on the high-quality services provided thanks to the high level of professionalism of our team.

We use modern methodologies to improve service in your organization and build strong relationships between the company and its customers.

We will take care of your clients! Find the best helpdesk solutions and round-the-clock customer support with BPO Nextdoor

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Customer services

You can order any of the customer care support services listed below:

Outbound customer support

Our specialists will contact your customer with a personal approach.

Outbound support agents focused on generating and following up with leads and driving sales, with the help of lead generation services, campaign support, client survey, market research, telemarketing services and other.

We provide the maximum number of sources to help you find your target audience and convert it to regular customers. Outsourced customer service will improve your brand awareness.
By using the outbound customer support services, you will be able to reduce the costs of promoting your company and increase the profit from sales. You can count on the support of high-level professionals.

Inbound customer support

Our company will provide your clients with all data about goods, services and any other types of customer support.

Our email support team will provide prompt responses to every email you receive from the customers. BPO Nextdoor support agents have extensive experience working in the technical support area, online support, customer service call, helpdesk service, claims processing, online chat customer service, fulfilling and verifying clients’ inquiries. Any problem will be solved without conflicts.
Also, we will help you set up an online chat to expand your market coverage. We will increase the number of visitors to your site and try to minimize the chances of losing interest from potential clients.

With inbound customer service outsourcing, you will see a significant increase in the customer loyalty rate. We will provide data enhancement for further analytics and generate progress reports. You can look forward to lower costs with the chosen technologies.

Technical support services

With the help of our technical support, we will provide a remote solution to technical problems that may arise during the operation of your company.

Our helpdesk support specialists will set up comprehensive monitoring of the main systems, which will allow you to send timely warnings in case of emergency. A set of remote support solutions ensure that your business can be assisted when you need it.

The use of technical customer service support guarantees the optimization of business processes in your company. You will notice an improvement in customer engagement and quality of services in your company.

Get advantages form cooperation with BPO Nextdoor

Outsourcing customer support will help you to focus on growing your company, cut expenses and provide you with the best customer service experience and satisfaction. Our specialists have a high level of competence in solving such problems. We will meet all set goals and guarantee high quality and accuracy. Your data will be protected.

Team of professionals. Working with BPO, you get a professional team of managers who already have the skills to effectively interact with customers, which will allow you to effectively communicate with your target audience and develop loyalty to your brand.

High level of customer support outsourcing service. You’ll get a team of professional specialists who focus on maximum customer satisfaction, without being distracted by other tasks. This helps to achieve a high level of KPI, loyalty to your brand and total growth of your business.

Save money and resources. Outsourcing customer support frees you from the need to hire a separate department of staff, rent and maintain additional premises, and from other costs associated with the organizing of the customer service department. Customer support outsourcing is an ideal solution because it eliminates excessive costs and allows your staff to focus on their core work.

Why cooperation with BPO Nextdoor will be beneficial?

  • Experience. Almost 10 years in business process outsourcing.
  • Quality. Accuracy up to 95%, depending on types of projects.
  • Security. GDPR Compliance, ISO 27001 Certified.
  • Experts Team. 250+ skilled and motivated specialists in Ukraine and Poland.
  • Coast. All-Inclusive hourly rates significantly below the EU average.

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