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Recruitment services providers play a vital role in helping organizations find and attract the best candidates for their open positions, while also streamlining the recruitment process and saving time and resources.

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Industry Focus:

  • Customer Service
  • Media Monitoring
  • Data Entry
  • Sales
  • Technical Support
  • Executive Assistance
  • System Administration

Recruitment solution: permanent placement (contigency recruiting)

Our advantages:


We offer more competitive service pricing than German agencies due to differences in labour costs and other factors.

Multilingual support

We have an experienced recruitment team which is fluent in German/English.

Access to a larger pool of candidate

Particularly across Eastern Europe, obtaining different expertise.

Flexibility and adaptability

We can adapt to changing business needs and face entirely new recruiting challenges (including finding talents in industries we haven’t worked on before).

Our Process

Communication about your recruitment needs: We provide the form for filling out with questions needed to clarify the recruitment needs and arrange the online intake meeting to discuss the details.

Initial contact: The candidate is usually contacted by us through a proactive search, job posting, referral, or other means and is asked to submit their resume or CV.

Screening and selection: we conduct an initial screening of the candidate’s qualifications, experience, and suitability for the job. We present the role to the candidates providing all the necessary information and details to give them a full image of the potential future job and your company’s advantages.

Presentation to the client: Once we have identified a suitable candidate, we present the candidate to the client for further evaluation and consideration.

Offer and acceptance: If the client makes an offer to the candidate, we may assist with negotiations and help facilitate the hiring process.

Throughout this process, we keep the candidate informed on their progress and provide feedback and guidance as needed to help the candidate improve their chances of success. Furthermore, we keep the client updated about the recruiting progress.

Why cooperation with BPO Nextdoor will be beneficial?

  • Experience. Almost 10 years in business process outsourcing.
  • Quality. Accuracy up to 95%, depending on types of projects.
  • Security. GDPR Compliance, ISO 27001 Certified.
  • Experts Team. 250+ skilled and motivated specialists in Ukraine and Poland.
  • Coast. All-Inclusive hourly rates significantly below the EU average.

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