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We believe that people are the most important asset of every company, especially in the field of intelligent labor-intensive services.

Having a large talent pool, we pay a lot of attention to a comfortable work environment and a friendly and fun team atmosphere.

Meet the BPO Nextdoor family!

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Highly professional team members


know 3 or more languages

have a Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree

have more than 2 years of relevant work experience

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The BPO Nextdoor leadership team consists of highly motivated people with extensive experience in international business, particularly software development, marketing, professional services, and financial industries. We provide our clients with appropriately skilled teams, with the ambition to work effectively and responsibly.

Myroslav Mykhalchuk - Chairman of the Board and Founder of Edvantis Group

Myroslav Mykhalchuk

Chairman of the Board and Founder of Edvantis Group

Myro has been working in the ITO/BPO industry since 1993. He is an experienced IT executive and entrepreneur. Myro is the founder of Edvantis Software, a premier vendor of software engineering and consulting services to corporate clients worldwide.

Tetyana Huley - Board Member and Co-Founder of Edvantis Group

Tetyana Huley

Board Member and Co-Founder of Edvantis Group

Together with Myroslav Mykhalchuk, she co-founded BPO Nextdoor in 2009 and helped BPO Nextdoor scale into a prominent market player, demonstrating sustainable financial growth year-on-year.

Jurij Pidsadnyj - Chief Executive Officer at BPO Nextdoor

Jurij Pidsadnyj

Chief Executive Officer at BPO Nextdoor

Jurij started his career at BPO Nextdoor 2013 as a Project Manager. Since 2019, as the new Chief Executive Officer of BPO Nextdoor, his main task is to drive the company’s development and guide it towards long-term success.

Board of Advisors of Edvantis Group

BPO Nextdoor belongs to the big family of Edvantis Group, which has an 18 year history of success in supplying labor-intensive services to North American and Western European companies.

Allen Deary, Advisor

Allen Deary, Advisor

Allen has a 25-year career in founding, building, investing in, and leading technology startups. Prior to his current position of COO at KnowledgeVision, Allen was Senior Vice President of Hitachi Consulting’s Outsourced Product Development unit. He has founded and/or led numerous technology companies, including Sierra Atlantic, CYA Technologies, ArrAy Incorporated, Human Asset Technology, and Peritus Software Services.

Roger Sturm, General Manager

Roger Sturm has held executive-level positions as a banker, corporate treasurer, and health care entrepreneur. Currently, Mr. Sturm is a broad member in various organizations in the IT, and healthcare industry (Association of German Healthcare Executives and Health City Association Berlin.

Leon Kopyt, Advisor

Mr. Leon Kopyt is the Chairman Emeritus of the Board of Directors at RCM Technologies since September 1, 2015.  Leon’s extensive experience in leading the Company in an executive capacity for 25 years makes Leon a valuable member of RCM’s Board. He helps Edvantis Group with consulting in business development.

Leon Kopyt, Advisor
Dr. Peter Müller, Advisor

Dr. Peter Müller, Advisor

Dr. Müller is working as a Head of the Board of Directors of the German Healthcare Foundation. Prior to this, he worked many years as a Medical Journalist and as a Head of Publishing in this industry. Dr. Müller always has good advice for BPO Nextdoor regarding business processes in the complicated medicine and healthcare markets in Germany.

Personal meeting

The BPO Nextdoor team will be happy to welcome you at our headquarter in Lviv, Ukraine. Alternatively, our top management frequently travels to EU and U.S. destinations. We would be glad to arrange a live meeting with your company at a time and place convenient for you.


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