Back Office Services

Provide your business processes with a high level of performance! Use outsourcing back-office services and your employees will be able to perform basic functions without being distracted by additional activities to promote your business.

Focus on your core work! Let us provide your business processes with a high level of performance!

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Back Office Services

BPO Nextdoor works in different directions, one of which is back office outsourcing services. Our team of back office support agents will help you implement your company’s activities by optimizing the work of internal processes. Our back office solutions will lead to significant cost savings. Your projects will be implemented much faster, and you will be pleasantly surprised by the results.

Administrative services

We can offer the following back office operations:

PR services and marketing. Back office BPO services can analyze your brand reputation. For this, modern analytics services are used, which include indexing, coding, and media clipping. We offer great techniques to improve your organization’s logo.

Sales records. Back office outsourcing tasks also include conducting an analysis of sales and purchases. We can help you upgrade technology for better deals.

Human resources (HR). Our HR specialists will select the best staff who will be able to perform the assigned functions in accordance with the direction of your activity. An additional point is the training of new specialists.

Support services

Back office support services include data management. The choice of method for establishing the work of such functionality will fully correspond to your business goals. We carry out:

  • data entry, enrichment and classification of information;
  • customer support;
  • image processing;
  • creation of video animation;
  • other.

Our team will help you to develop and optimization of websites (including SEO).

IT support is also provided. For this purpose, it is possible to introduce modern information systems using BPO outsourcing projects used by our company in various industries.

Translation services

Back office functions include translation into 15 languages (European and others).

We translate technical documentation. It includes technical and user manuals, installation and maintenance manuals. These documents will help you understand the principles of operation of your equipment and help your organization work. We can help you translate tutorials, technical applications, product specifications, and catalogs, as well as product packaging and labeling.

Our team can provide you with a commercial translation. Back office tasks include translation of business correspondence, company invoices, reports, memos, tenders, and prices. You will be able to continue working with reports in an accessible language or cooperate with foreign companies without any problems. To improve your brand awareness, we will also translate marketing materials – company brochures, newsletters, magazines and other documents.

BPO Nextdoor can provide a legal translation of other kinds of documents according to your needs.

Cooperations with back office outsourcing companies help to reduce costs and increase the efficiency of your company. You will be able to optimize important business processes and uses key resources to develop new directions for your own activities.

Get advantages form cooperation with BPO Nextdoor

Turning to back office outsourcing allows you not to worry about the security and confidentiality of data that you need for work.

Our team works in accordance with ISO 27001 standards, which guarantees maximum information security.

You will be able to reduce costs and keep track of them by contracting for the BPO quality control process.

Your business will non-stop for a minute, as outsourced back office services take full responsibility while following your requirements.

Back office company enable your business to work, performing its functions, and we take on all other tasks.

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Why cooperation with BPO Nextdoor will be beneficial?

  • Experience. Almost 10 years in business process outsourcing.
  • Quality. Accuracy up to 95%, depending on types of projects.
  • Security. GDPR Compliance, ISO 27001 Certified.
  • Experts Team. 250+ skilled and motivated specialists in Ukraine and Poland.
  • Coast. All-Inclusive hourly rates significantly below the EU average.

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