HR Events in 2019

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The distinct features of BPO Nextdoor team are the responsibility and excellent professionalism. Furthermore, we still manage to spend time together in a joyful and rewarding way. A number of events and team-building activities have been conducted throughout 2019.

In spring, we visited the bear sanctuary “Domazhir”, which was created with the support of an Austrian Charity Foundation “Four Paws”. We learned more about the living conditions of the bears in this sanctuary and brought presents for the bears (carrots, apples).

We also like active leisure. Together, we learned how to play Frisbee and discovered the proper sprinting technique.

One summer evening, we played “MindGame” with interesting and, at the same time, difficult questions about movies, music and other interesting topics.

This year, our workers participated in the charity event “Present a fairy-tail to a child”. We prepared gifts in response to 38 letters sent by children from orphanages, low-income and dysfunctional families, as well as children of soldiers and fallen Heroes of Ukraine were granted.

We had a winter company party with funny contests, gifts and celebrate the end of this eventful year.

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