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To assess the quality of the work performed, the company must know what others think of it. With the help of our media monitoring and analysis services, we can improve your brand development.

Improve your brand development with the help of our media monitoring and analysis services!

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The entertainment industry works closely with customers and partners. Its activities may be influenced by the opinions of everyone who has used such services at least once. By work with BPO Nextdoor, you will receive support in various areas of the media and entertainment business. We offer our services to broadcast and advertising companies, game and entertainment studios. Also, the list of the media and entertainment bpo services we perform suits publishing and information agencies and companies working in the market research field, and so on. Study the list of the provided services and choose those suitable for your type of activity.

Media monitoring

Our experts track news and comments, discussions, and video reviews related to your brand. We help to assess the quality of the services based on how your target audience perceives them. For this, we use:

1. Content monitoring. It includes the study of specific topics, key queries, markets, and more.

2. Analysis of the opinions of the target audience in social media. This includes mentions of your products in blogs or other personal users’ posts that are publicly displayed.

3. Tracking reviews. Such procedures allow you to improve perception and communication with any user who has ever encountered your brand.

Media analysis and reports

Our company offers assistance to clients from the media and entertainment industry.

We analyzing press and news reports relevant to a particular business. For this, we monitor information using the newest algorithms. The coverage of resources is wide enough. We analyze forums and reviews to ensure that the result is highly relevant. If necessary, certain parameters are re-checked manually, which leads to a high-quality and accurate assessment of the activity.

Data processing services

Transcription of audio or video into text content. Such tasks are required by enterprises in various fields of activity. Many business trainers hold webinars, after which the filmed videos need additional processing and transcription. In some cases, the resulting text may be sent to print and used as promotional materials. Bloggers may also use the transcription service. This is necessary to add subtitles and all kinds of descriptions to videos. Internet companies often choose interesting videos that fit their own activities. Such materials are transcribed into text and posted on their own resources to increase the conversion rate.

Translation of existing content or new content into other languages. These services are required by both news, music, and sports companies. The resulting translations will be 100% similar to the original material, and you will be able to use them for your own purposes. High-quality translations may be required to create a website that will be available to users from all over the world. Any customer will be able to choose a suitable language to view your content and place orders online. Moreover, each page will fully correspond to the original text.

Creative design services

Every year, creative design is becoming more and more popular, attracting potential consumers with novelty and uniqueness. It is needed in various types of advertising. It may be a short video on TV or on Youtube, contextual ads, or stickers that are seen everywhere. An intriguing and unusual ad will be noticeable and generate increased interest in your company.
Graphic designers in our team will not only design advertisements but will also create designs for short films, software products, games, and so on. The list of our bpo services for the media and entertainment industry include:

video editing;

graphic design;

creation of animation (2D and 3D model).

Creative ads are more likely to get noticed. Users spend a lot of time on social media, posting and viewing photos and other information. Therefore, a dull ad without any visual effects on a page is unlikely to click with potential users.

How can we help with your brand development?

Thanks to our company, you will analyze the chosen marketing strategy and evaluate its effectiveness.

You will be able to analyze the general trends that affect your field of business. Using bpo for media and entertainment, you will identify new opportunities for the development of your company and increase customers’ loyalty to your brand.

The selected procedures will make your customers happier and increase the conversion rate on your site. We offer you information collected using various analytics tools.

Please contact us to learn more about services at BPO Nextdoor. 

The main advantages of choosing our company are as follows:

  • We provide regular real-time reports for media and entertainment companies.
  • You will notice the costs become lower and your income increase.
  • We use innovative technologies to ensure uninterrupted work. Technological advantages may help reduce costs for your media and entertainment company.
  • Our team consists of highly qualified personnel. The specialists are multilingual, so you will get advice and reports in a language you understand.
  • All systems used to comply with ISO 27001 standards. This ensures a high level of data security and stability during the implementation of various tasks.


We understand that each of our partners is unique. Our company has extensive experience in media analysis, so it is able to provide bpo solution for the media industry of various complexity. We understand the area of your work, so we will provide all the necessary information that will allow you to enhance your business.

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