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Content coding

If you want to summarize some media content, you can use the services provided by our specialists in the field of media analysis. We provide human coding of data. Our trained coders read or look through some selected sample of media coverage and systematically note its important traits.

This process takes following steps :
Preparing content for coding.
Coding content. Items used differ depending on your requirements;
Conducting Sentiment Media Analysis. We analyze the sentiments of each media post and determine the mood of mention of your brand, service, product.
Our media analysts perform sentiment analysis of :
  • Product reviews and responses;
  • Service reviews;
  • Customer feedback;
  • Brand mentions;
  • Social media posts.

Our analysts discuss with you nuances of your request – what are you interested in as well what are you not interested in. So you could promptly follow your reputation among your customers. Contact us to get more information.

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