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E-commerce product data entry services

Increase operational efficiency and save data entry budgets by using Data Entry Outsourcing. Data entry professionals of BPO Nextdoor will provide high-quality and accurate data management services.

Our specialists will help to perform the following tasks:
  • Entering product features and specifications
  • Creating product descriptions
  • Uploading product descriptions online
  • Product listing
  • Adding product pricing
  • Catalogue editing
  • Adding new products
  • Deleting old products
  • Product data upload
  • Organizing products according to categories and subcategories
  • Adding related product information for cross-selling and up-selling

The well-coordinated work of our team and the use of modern solutions of data entry outsourcing will greatly simplify the business processes in your company. The product data entry process is controlled at every stage, therefore, if it is necessary to quickly change some piece of information, the employees will do it as soon as possible.

For fast communication with regular customers, vendors could require a database with information for quick access to various data. It may be:

  • email addresses;
  • names;
  • places of residence, and other information.

For example, some information was indicated when a customer filled out a questionnaire. The data must be transferred from it to an electronic database. Remote employees of our company will help you do it.

Advantages of working with BPO Nextdoor

There are many benefits in using such a service provider. Among them it is worth highlighting the following:

  1. Additional verification of information. You can manage bigger amounts of data entered by experts. Information will be entered and sent in a format convenient for you, with which employees of your company are used to working.
  2. The main business will not be affected. Your employees will no longer have to waste their time entering and checking information that is needed in the shortest possible time. Remote employees will quickly complete all product data entry tasks.
  3. Data security. Confidential information is not transferred to third parties, and when the finished order is transferred to the customer, we use closed channels. This saves important data and allows to avoid accidental information losses.

If you give your data for processing to our specialists, it will help you save important information or transfer it into the preferable format in the shortest possible time. You will receive high-quality transferred information without losses of your staff efficiency.

Our company conducts the product data entry process in various languages. The multilingualism of managers and other employees allows us to cooperate with clients from different countries, and all orders are implemented at the highest level.

The amount of work doesn’t matter. Product data entry experts can easily process any amount of information in the shortest possible time. You should simply give the remote employees the information that should be used to fill in an online store, a database, or for other purposes. After that, you shouldn’t worry at all, because all work will be done for you.

If you need to fill in a database of several thousand items, several specialists will do it. Thus, the product data management ensures the maximum speed, the highest quality of processed information, and the efficiency of providing finished product for your work.

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