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OCR scanning services

Do you need a digital data format, but you only have it in text format? OCR is a technology that can be used to convert various types of graphic and text data into electronic format. Our specialists are able to provide access to different types of OCR services. With the KOFAX program, which was designed to enter data and recognize text documents, it will be possible to digitize and collect the necessary information.

Visual character recognition during image processing is possible for various paper documents:

• registration;

• insurance forms;

• questionnaires;

• reference data, etc.

Areas where we offer OCR solutions :
  • Transfering of industry-specific contents, lists, catalogs, and manuals into a digital environment
  • Processing reference data
  • Forms and questionnaires processing
  • Converting invoices into digital texts
We can transform all kinds of data formats through OCR, including:
-Typed content
-Printed content
-Audio-Visual content
-Handwritten content
-Cursive content

Contact us and we provide customized solutions as per the needs of your business.

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