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Data deduplication services

The accumulation of large amounts of data creates the risk of errors in working with databases. BPO Nextdoor offers a service for working with duplicate data, which optimizes the size of the database and increases the quality of the information in it.

Systematic cleaning of the database from redundant data is routine, but necessary because it improves the quality of information use and data management. The ideal solution for companies facing such a problem is to work with BPO Nextdoor specialists who have experience and skills in working with large amounts of information.

We work with duplicates of the following services :
  • Data Comparing – сomparing different sets of data and checking for duplicate entries
  • Data Merging – merging the data which has applicable data and supplementing data as indicated by your necessities.
  • Database Deduping – сreating a compact and relevant database by removing duplicate or similar data
  • Data Matching – detecting data matches from different databases and accumulation this information in one place.

At BPO Nextdoor, we will thoroughly analyze your database and eliminate the possibility of duplication of information. Contact us and we will help you create the perfect database for your company.

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