HR Events in 2018

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In addition to doing great work, the BPO Nextdoor team also finds time for fun. We experiment with new ideas for spending time together and hold interesting events.

In particular, in the summer our team went on a two-day camping trip and conquered the peaks of the Carpathian Mountains.

Not only do we hold events for our employees, but our employees themselves are involved in organizing and conducting events. Recently, BPO Nextdoor organized the event “Regulars’ table: Friends, Board Games, Entertainment” for anyone who wanted to play board games and practice their foreign speaking skills.

Our team also values gaining new knowledge. For example, an experienced rehabilitation specialist visited BPO Nextdoor and gave an informative lecture on how to properly set up a workplace and why it is important to have a healthy and active lifestyle. Moreover, our employees discovered the basics of yoga and techniques on how to understand emotions with one’s body.

We regularly organize corporative parties, such as Halloween celebrations, Sangria Parties, etc.

Finally, the BPO Nextdoor team celebrated the New Year with a corporate party at the medieval Olesky Castle.

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