Data & Documents


A detail-oriented and analytical team supports you effectively 24/7 with your data, content and document-related tasks. Your team will not just do blind operations but will approach tasks in an intelligent and proactive manner, so you can count on the high level of effectiveness in managing your online and offline data, content and documents. Data accuracy and integrity are assured by our multi-level validation and documentation process. Supported by the latest technology, we can assist you with all complex data and document operation needs and varying volumes to save you and your company time, money, and focus.

Below are some examples of data and document operations we could assist you with:


Data & content operations:

  • Search and generation
  • Data entry
  • Validation and reconciliation
  • Cleaning & enrichment
  • Image processing
  • Translation & transcription

Document operations:

  • Preparation
  • Digitizing
  • Preparation
  • Verification
  • Registration
  • Indexing & archiving



Here you can find a short project overview for a Fortunate 250 company from USA in the field of digitizing and epub production.

For digitising of documents we use KOFAX software for text recognition (OCR – optical character recognition). We digitize accounting documents (invoices, cheques,  order confirmations, bills of delivery, etc.), HR documents (diverse forms, etc.) and marketing documents (marketing coupons, etc.). After automated text recognition normally we perform manual check (validation) to ensure error-free results for our clients. We can also digitize video (VHS), photos, slides, etc. in big volumes.

We support also e-commerce companies in product information management (PIM), e.g., creation and entry of product descriptions as well as image processing in Ohotoshop and CorelDraw. Master data management, category management, content moderation, generation of simple product descriptions with relevant keywords from Google Trends, Internet search of missing product information, product information entry from different sources, product classification, e.g. eCl@ss, are also possible. Furthermore, many Internet portals profit from our Content Management Support.

We have a team of graphic designers that can create and improve images for web and print as well as 3D animation. Our team has experience in such fields as architecture, production, e-commerce, games, etc.

The last but not the least, as a member of Edvantis Group we can provide you with a team of software developers for top-notch projects in .NET, Java, etc.

To find out more, please feel free to contact us.