Call Center & CRM


A dedicated multilingual team handles contacts with your customers as well as supports you with diverse CRM database tasks 24/7, 365 days a year. The main languages we work with are English, German, Polish, Russian and Ukrainian while French, Italian and Spanish are also possible. We combine our modern technology,  skilled  people and effective processes to deliver end-to-end solutions tailored for  each client.

Below are some examples of the dialogue services we provide:


Contact Center:

  • Client survey
  • Incoming calls, emails, fax, chat
  • Claims processing
  • Helpdesk / Technical support

CRM database:

  • Address improvement
  • Campaign preparation
  • Complaint handling
  • Data entry



Regarding contact center support, we use phone, email, fax, SMS or web-based solutions. Moreover, we apply a performance-based remuneration system, adequate training and quality processes control to ensure that all your requirements and expectations are met.

Outbound is for us of the same importance as inbound. In outbound we have a lot of experience in preparing address improvement. We find, verify and enrich addresses online and by phone. These addresses are later used for email, post and telephone campaigns. A qualitative mailing list is crucial, especially, for direct mailing.

Another our service is content generation or copywriting based on keywords from Google Trends which will improve the Google ranking of your website (SEO – search engine optimization).

To find out more about our Call Center & CRM services, please feel free to contact us.