OCR-check & EPUB-creation support for a Fortune 250 company from USA


Business challenges

The Client needed a reliable and flexible team reaching 100 team members at peak times with advanced English and German skills to transform and format content from print media into a digital format and to make sure that it was displayed on diverse mobile devices without errors.


Internal workflow:

  • Receiving scanned printed media
  • Content transformation/formatting
  • Text proofreading
  • Quality control
  • EPUB verification
  • Device check

Benefits for the Client

  • Timely qualitative delivery for technically complicated print media
  • Flexible ramp-up and ramp-down of resources
  • Cooperation model that saves time for management issues
  • Reliable telecommunication and office space infrastructure
  • Effective communication regarding any operational issues


Operational challenges

Timing. Tough daily and hourly deadlines required well-structured operational processes and discipline 7 days per week.
Performance incentive. Individual performance metrics were linked with individual remuneration which resulted in continuous team improvement.
Quality control. To enforce a zero-tolerance policy for errors, we organized a quality control sub-team, which was aware of typical shortcomings.
FAQ-system. We implemented the FAQ automation system, which ensured the elimination of duplicated questions to the Client in the future.
Training system. An effective training and knowledge-transfer procedure resulted in zero disturbance of the workflow during the personnel changes/substitutions.