Undoubtedly, the right location is a crucial factor for the success of the cooperation.


Lviv (Western Ukraine):

  • Well-established educational center (over 150 000 students)
  • Significantly lower labor costs compared to similar EU-cities in Eastern Europe
  • Cultural and geographical proximity to Western countries
  • Convenient travel connections (modern international airport with direct flights to Munich, Vienna, Warsaw, etc.)
  • No visa required to come to Lviv
  • No visa required for Ukrainians to visit European Union
  • Less than 100 km from the Polish border
  • One of the top IT-BPO outsourcing destinations in Europe, the Middle East & Africa (according to KPMG)
  • One of the top European cities in terms of cost-effectiveness (according to Financial Times)

Rzeszow (Poland):

  • Well-established educational center (over 60 000 students)
  • Lower labor costs compared to other cities in Eastern Europe
  • Direct flights to Frankfurt, London, Warsaw, etc.
  • The highest student percentage in European Union (35,3% according to Eurostat)



From the Lviv universities graduate top linguists, economists, accountants, software developers, mathematicians and designers. Regarding the languages spoken, the majority of Lviv and Rzeszow graduates have advanced English skills while German ranks as the second most popular Western European language. Spanish, French and Italian languages are also quite popular. Most Lviv citizens speak fluent Russian and Ukrainian while in Rzeszow everyone speaks Polish. BPO Nextdoor has provided so far projects with up to 15 European languages. Therefore, BPO Nextdoor is ideally positioned to help you tap into the attractive resource pool available in Lviv, Rzeszow and neighboring regions.

We will be glad to organize your business trip to Lviv in order to discuss our cooperation opportunities. Please contact us.


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